Why solito realty…

Why Solito Realty

At Solito Realty we only manage investment properties for within the complex and in the local area. Unlike large residential property managers, who have to cover large regions of Brisbane, all of our time is spent exclusively on your Carindale and local investments. As long term locals we focus our property management experience to the local area. With the addition of an Assistant Property Manager in 2017, we comfortably manage properties within Carindale, Mt Gravatt East, Upper Mt Gravatt, Carina and Camp Hill. The addition of external properties was initially requested by Solito Investors as their other investments were not achieving the same management success as we were able to achieve. We have been able to demonstrate that local properties are able to experience the same management style and success as our Solito properties. For information or to request an appraisal for your investment, please call Angela.

For more information or to request an appraisal for your investment, please get in touch with us.

More effective:

As on-site managers we have a different approach to managing your property. Some Real Estate agencies and Property Management companies are interested only in filling vacancies and worrying about the potential damage and costs to landlords later. They don’t have to live next door to a group of bad tenants! We search for quality tenants who are going to (i) look after your valuable investment and (ii) not cause trouble or damage within Solito.


Two major complaints from tenants is the lack of availability of their real estate agents and ignoring maintenance requests. This ultimately costs you, the landlord, as good tenants will leave if properties are neglected or, worse still, will not look after your property if they believe the agent is not caring about the condition of the property either. Being on-site we are available to your tenants after hours in case of any emergency problems and can look at any maintenance issue on-the-spot to ensure further damage does not occur and provide feedback to you and the tenant immediately. This can save hundreds of dollars in unnecessary expenses per year. Remember ” A happy tenant is a good tenant”.


How many times do you call an Agency and are unable to speak with the right person or need to repeat your query many times before anyone can answer your question? At Solito Realty we are a family team, with Angela exclusively managing all aspects of property management with the assistance from her sister Natasha.


Because we are not constantly out travelling all over Brisbane to keep the large rent rolls the rental franchises must maintain. We handle all the administration involved in looking after your properties and, at Solito, this personal service is preferred by investors and tenants


Our investors and tenants are able to seek maintenance repairs both in a timely manner while also being cost effective. Our trades are also local and as we book trades regularly we are able to cut the cost of call out fees for our investors as they attend to multiple jobs while on-site. We also offer this service to our resident owners who can also book appointments with Electricians, Plumbers, Air Conditioning Technicians and Painters at the same time they are on-site attending to other jobs.


One of the benefits of using Solito Realty to manage your property is the constant exposure to walk-in tenant enquiry. Anyone driving through Solito, visiting friends or relatives can drop into our on-site Office to make enquiries. We can show prospective tenants any properties that may be available on-the-spot, after hours and week-ends which can minimize vacancy times significantly.


Prospective tenants who submit an application to rent your property are thoroughly screened. Information including identification, previous rental history, employment history, income as well as personal and rental references are verified. Applicants must meet our stringent criteria before being accepted as a tenant which includes a National Tenancy Database check. These checks are all included in our Management Fee. This process usually takes 24-48 hours and once complete and passed for approval, we will call you to discuss the preferred tenant application. The Landlord always has the final approval and if rejected, for whatever reason, we will commence the process again and continue until a tenant is approved. If you would like an appraisal of your property or are dissatisfied with the service from your current real estate agent, CALL SOLITO REALTY NOW to discuss your options.